where are you located?

Coal Feather Tattoo is located in downtown Kimberley at 255A Wallinger Ave, between Grow Tea & Elixir Shop and the Chamber of Commerce. Look for the black feather sign.

how old do i need to be?

Coal Feather Tattoo is 18+, no exceptions, regardless of parental permission.

are your books closed? what does this mean exactly?

As of August 3rd, 2019, my books are CLOSED. This means I’m not accepting new booking requests for the next couple months because my schedule is full. Clients with ongoing projects can email directly to schedule subsequent appointments. The next time I open my books will likely be in October, and I’ll post about it in advance on Instagram @coalfeather. Any questions/comments not related to new booking inquiries can be directed to coalfeathertattoo@gmail.com.

what’s your availability?

I book appointments for Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Most of my consults are scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays, but I can accommodate other days with some notice.

How do i book an appointment?

Read over the FAQ section, and then go to BOOKING where you can fill out a form with some basic information. This is the best way to get in touch.


Since this is a one-woman show, it might take up to a week to receive a reply. Your patience is appreciated! Make sure you’re using the Booking form, and/or sending your info/requests to coalfeathertattoo@gmail.com instead of using DMs or FB to reach out.

can i drop in to your shop to chat?

The shop is by appointment only. As a private studio, there’s no front-desk receptionist. Your best bet is to fill out the BOOKING form, and from there I can schedule an in-person consult for you, free of charge.

do you take walk-ins?

No. Your best bet is to keep an eye out for the next Flash Day, or to keep an eye on Instagram for posts about cancellations!

when’s your next flash day?

Flash Days are scheduled about once a month, and announced in advance on IG. Follow @coalfeather to stay up to date on upcoming events!

what will my tattoo cost?

I work on hourly rate that is subject to change. Feel free to email coalfeathertattoo@gmail.com for my current rate. I’m happy to provide estimates for potential pieces once a client submits a completed Booking form.

what forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or e-transfer. Sorry, no debit/credit.

Do you require deposits?

Not at this time. That said, I appreciate at least 48 hours notice before a cancellation so I can fill your spot. Failure to do so may result in an inability to work together in future.

Do you do Colour tattoos?


do you tattoo all styles?

I do my best to tackle diverse styles, from realism to colour work. That said, you should always seek out a tattooist whose work you personally appreciate. Since each artist has their own style, you’ll be sure to get the best work when you partner with someone whose aesthetic matches your own.

do you do cover-ups?

Yes. In almost all cases a consult is required in advance to discuss what’s possible. Fine-line and dot-work tattoos generally don’t make for the best cover-ups, as the new tattoo often needs to be larger and darker than the old piece.


Sure! Please limit it to one so as not to interfere with the artist’s focus.

Should i show up early to my appointment?

There’s no need to come early. Since my day often consists of multiple clients, showing up on time ensures the privacy of each client’s appointment.

anything else I should be aware of before my appointment?

Show up to your appointment well-rested. Make sure to eat and stay hydrated.

Ideally wear dark, comfortable clothing (think ink stains) that allows the artist easy access to the area being tattooed. It’s not uncommon for clients to get cold, especially near the end of a longer appointment, so bringing a sweater or a blanket isn’t a bad idea.

Feel free to bring your own music player, headphones, tablet, etc. (whatever helps you get in the zone).

It also never hurts to bring snacks in case you feel light-headed.

where are the most painful places to get tattooed?

Generally the ribs and the feet, although all tattoos hurt. An awareness of your pain tolerance is something to keep in mind when considering large pieces and/or tattoos on sensitive areas.

when do i get to see my design?

Unless we’re free-handing the piece, clients will receive a copy of their design the day before their appointment. At this point, the client is welcome to ask for small changes. If large changes are required, the appointment will be re-scheduled.

why can’t i see my design further in advance?

If the consulting process has been done properly, there shouldn’t be any surprises with your design. Since I don’t charge for any design work in advance of the tattoo itself, this process ensures the client only books an appointment once they have clear intentions of getting the tattoo.

A shorter period of reflection also makes for more intuitive decision-making (and less gathering of contrasting opinions from friends and family), which in turns makes for happier clients, and a happier artist!

What are your aftercare instructions?

After your tattoo, you’ll be given a set of care instructions to take home with you. If you need an electronic copy sent to you, feel free to request one by email: coalfeathertattoo@gmail.com.

do you still accept woodburning commissions?

Not at this time.

where can i see that photo of your dad FROM back in the day covered in parrots?

, my books 8ri3w

, my books 8ri3w

You’re welcome.